The Power of FAST

It's the experience of seamless, lightning-fast performance that transforms the way you work and interact with technology.

The FAST Advantage:

Ultra-responsive interactions at every touchpoint

Intuitive, purposeful, and streamlined design

Rapid onboarding for immediate usability

Effortless execution of complex tasks

Swift achievement of your objectives

When you encounter FAST software, you feel it. Everything is easier and working for you and not against you.

Superhuman, a leading email application, has garnered acclaim for its rapid performance and polished user interface.

The creator of Gmail, Paul Buchheit, believed that every interaction should be faster than 100ms. Why? Because at this threshold, actions feel truly instantaneous.

Superhuman took this principle to heart, pursuing speed in every aspect of their platform – from startup and search to sending emails. To achieve FAST excellence, it's essential to set speed goals, measure performance, and continuously strive for improvement.