The SaaS industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, with spending predicted to reach one trillion dollars by the end of the decade. Amidst 30,000+ options, selecting and committing to vendors can be an overwhelming process for buyers, especially when many solutions fail to fully meet customer expectations and desires.

Introducing FABRIC, our community-driven framework for builders, buyers, and investors, focused on creating exceptional software that caters to the human experience. FABRIC empowers the development and identification of SaaS solutions that are not only functional but also FAST, ADDICTIVE, BOLD, REWARDING, INTEGRATED, and COMMUNITY-driven.

  • FAST: Blazingly quick and efficient
  • ADDICTIVE: You can't stop using it
  • BOLD: Transformative, not iterative
  • REWARDING: Delivering unmatched value and ROI
  • INTEGRATED: Deeply Woven into your systems and workflow
  • COMMUNITY-driven: Users are part of a movement

We are excited to welcome you to the FABRIC community. We encourage you to submit companies that exemplify each or all of the elements of FABRIC, and actively participate in discussions we will convene to help refine the framework. Our goal is to quickly share these examples identified by the community via an interactive visualization that will be used as a source of inspiration for us all.

Our mission is to create a community built on a simple yet powerful common language that inspires one another to build better software, focusing on the human element that connects us all.

Kobie Fuller

GP - Upfront Ventures

"Chief Fabric Officer"

Omar Johnson

Founder/CEO - Øpus Intelligence

"Chief Fabric Builder"